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Baostep At Performance Competition Of Guangzhou Export Trading Company Alliance

Baostep At  Performance Competition Of Guangzhou Export Trading Company Alliance

  Competition of Guangzhou Export Trading Company alliance is also known as “BaiTuanDaZhan” in Chinese, which aims to a comprehensive improvement for the companies that participated in terms of competition of performance, enterprise culture and innovation. The results, the third place for performance and the second prize for finish rate as well as the first for innovation, proved the strength of our team.

      This event is not only big for the development of the company, but also for the growth of all staff in Baostep. 40 days’ experience is impressive for every member in Baopstep.  Like warriors, everyone behaves to his best and exert his potency, except for the results, the competition strengthened the group cohesiveness, together the miracle is realized.  
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